Assembling a sample of traffic movements from the airspace

        Why Collect Traffic Sample Data?

        Samples of traffic movements should be collected for the entire airspace where RVSMwill be implemented to support the Safety Assessment. Parts of the parameters used in the collision risk model are analyzed from the Traffic Sample Data (TSD).

        How to Collect and Report Traffic Sample Data?

        China RMA has established national wide TSD data collection mechanism since 2007. En-route ATCdepartments may have different ways to record TSD according depending on their ways of ATC. TSDof radar control areas are obtained from the radar automatic system (some areas need pre-processing software to transform the data to the requested data format). TSD of procedural control areas are recorded manually.

        Traffic movement data collection are conducted once a year, and is recorded from 00:00 UTC 1st December to 24:00 UTC 31stDecember. ATMB will issue an announcement for the TSD collection activity in late November and a test collection one week before December is also applied.

        All the data collection departments are requiredto submit TSD to the ‘China RMA Data Exchange Platform’after its completion. The data format used to record the TSD is Traffic Sample Data Template.