Traffic Sample Data (TSD) Collection Template

       The data collection and update of RVSM airspace safety assessment plays an important partin RVSM operation. According to the requirement of Chapter 3 of ICAO annex 11: the “Air Traffic Service” related to RVSM operational height monitoring, should establish RVSM operational regional program to satisfy target level of safetycontinually. So every region should regularly provide traffic sample data which has important meaning to accurately assessing the RVSM operational risk. Incomplete data will result in unreliable result when doing safety assessment, and then affectthe airspace safety.

       Traffic movement data collection is conducted once a year, and is recorded from 00:00 UTC 1st December to 24:00 UTC 31st December using Traffic Sample Data (TSD) Collection Template. ATMB will issue an announcement for the TSD collection activity in late November and a test collection one week before December is also applied.

       China RMA will assign a user id and password for each TSD reporting unit of POC to access the China RMA Data Exchange Platform; POC can submit TSD data on the platform. When the Platform is not available for users access, It is suggested that the users download and fill in the EXCEL form, and send it to China RMA’s public e-mail:

       • Traffic Sample Data (TSD) Collection Template