The Flight Level in China RVSM Airspace have some differences:

         ♦ China RVSM Airspace's Flight Level is Meter-based Flight Level, from 8900 meters to 12500 meters.

         ♦ Convert these Flight Level to feet, every level is higher than other RVSM Airspace's Flight Level about

            100 feet, E.G. FL291 in China RVSM Airspace, FL290 in other RVSM Airspace.


         The advantage of this allocation scheme is:

         ♦ Meter-based flight level has good succession for military aviation and it’s convenient for pilot.

         ♦ It can make sure the vertical separation between two pairs of flight levels is equal or above 1000

            feet after converting metric flight level into feet and rounding the result by 100 feet.

         ♦ The meter-based flight level is 100 feet (30 meters) higher than other regions’ flight level,

         which is convenient for level conversion when aircraft cross territory.