RVSM Approval Registration and Survey

        RVSM Approval Registration

        According to ICAO’s requirement, operators of aircraft flying in RVSM airspace are required to have an RVSM approval, issued either by the State of registry or the State to which operational authority has been delegated. Non-approved state aircraft are permitted to submit flight plans for the airspace but a 2000 ft vertical separation minimum shall be applied; all other state aircraft operating in RVSM airspace are required to hold a valid RVSM approval.

        An RVSM approval requires three elements to be satisfied according to CAAC: that the aircraft is constructed to meet RVSM Minimum Aircraft Systems Performance Specification (MASPS); that the aircraft shall continue to be compliant with MASPS by the correct application of maintenance procedures; and that flight crew training and procedures reflect operational requirements in RVSM airspace.

Regions introducing RVSM will need its own RMA to act as a focal point for the collection and collationof RVSM approvals for aircraft operating under its jurisdiction. To avoid duplication by States in registering approvals with RMAs, China RMA, acting as the designated RMA for Chinese FIRs and Pyongyang FIR of DPR Korea is responsible for the processing of approval data under the ICAO guidance material.

        F1, F2 and F3 forms provides the pertinent data format, together with a brief description of their use, that the China RMA supplies to obtain information on RVSM point of contact, aircraft RVSM approval registration and deregistration.

        Please log on to the China RMA data exchange platform to submit data. If you don’t have a valid user/password to log on or the website is not available to be accessed, please send the forms to the China RMA public email: rmachina@rmachina.cn.


        Establishment and Maintenance of an RVSM Approvals Database

        One of the functions of an RMA is to establish a database of aircraft approved by its State authority foroperations in RVSM airspace in the region for which the RMA has responsibility.

        To avoid duplication by States in registering approvals with RMAs, the concept of a designated RMA forthe processing of approval data has been established in this guidance material. Under the designated RMA concept, allStates are associated with a particular RMA for the processing of RVSM approvals.

       The global RVSM approval database is maintained separately by each RMA. The China RMA is responsible for processing of approval data of China (mainland) and DPR Korea. Each RMA collects the data for her responsible areaand then uploads the data to the Knowledge Sharing Nodes (KSN) on a monthly basis. RMAs can download approval data in other areas from the website to obtaina complete database of allaircraft in the world.