Before RVSM implementation in China,Asia/Pacific Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization (APARMO) fully took charge of the aircraft RVSM approval in China.

        In 2002, RVSM is implemented in Western Pacific and South China Sea in two stages. In the second stage, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sanya ocean area (Sanya FIR after 2006) implemented RVSM parallelwith other countries in South China Sea.

     In 2003, MAAR obtained authorization of ICAO to take over the responsibility from Asia Pacific Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization(APARMO, as PARMO after MAAR took over from them) for the RVSM relative work. MAAR fully assumed the duties and responsibilities of the RMA for China because RVSM is not implemented in mainland China.

     From 2007, Metric RVSM has been implemented in the Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Urumqi FIRs and Sector AR01 (island airspace) of the Sanya FIR. After the implementation of RVSM in domestic airspace, China planned to establish her own RMA in charge of the safety assessment and airspace monitoring, since China has a vast territory and the ATC condition in China is diversified.

     For the purpose of being competent as an RMA, CAAC established an RVSM technical group for RVSM safety monitoring program in the ATC Division of ATMB in 2007. This group took the responsibility of safety assessment required for the domestic RVSM implementation, and monitoring airspace safety for post-implementation. Through long-term cooperation and technical exchange with Pacific Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization (PARMO) and MAAR, the RVSM technical group was able to the methodology of risk estimate and aircraft height monitoring, and established the mechanism of Traffic Sample Data (TSD) and Large Height Deviation (LHD) data collection around China.

     China RMA was established under the authorization of the CAAC in April 2008, and reported to ICAO RVSM Task Force 33(RVSM TF/33) meeting about her preparation for establishing an ICAO authorized RMA.

     In the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advise Group (RASMAG/9) meeting in March 2008, China submitted a formal application report to ICAO to express the willingness to assist the ICAO in the continuation of the safety assessment program for the RVSM implementation in China, and gained approval and support from ICAO.

     On September 2008, China RMA gained endorsement by the Nineteenth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/19) as an APANPIRG RVSM with responsibility for all sovereign RVSM airspaces in China, and took over RVSM relevant work for China from MAAR.