Point of ContactRegistration (F1)Form Details

         In order to guarantee the smoothly implement of Chinese RVSM safety assessment and monitoring, China RMA has established point of contact mechanism with related units, including civil aviation Regional Management Bureau, regional Safety Oversight Administrations, regional ATMBs and operators. There should be at least one POC foreachunit. ThePOC should submit F1 form with personal information to China RMA in the first time of contact. The POC should resubmit the F1 form when the information changes.

         China RMA will assign a user id and passwordfor each unit of POC to access the China RMA Data Exchange Platform;POC can submit F1 form on the platform. When the Platform is not available for users access, It is suggested that the users downloadand fill in the EXCEL form, and send it to China RMA’s public e-mail: rmachina@gmail.com.

         • Contact or Change of Contact Details (F1)

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